Early Voting Locations

Early voting is now open. Find a location near you.

Just a reminder the primary election is Tuesday, May 3rd. You will be asked if you want a Republican or Democrat ballot.

Make sure you choose Republican and Vote Diana Moers for Prosecutor!

Let’s Make History!

As Women’s History Month comes to a close I want to ask you to join me in making history in Vanderburgh County. If elected, I will be the first female Prosecutor in Vanderburgh County History! 

According to 2019 statistics, about 24% of elected Prosecutors nationally are women and in Indiana that number is currently 14%. I hope you’ll support me with a donation to my campaign (made at www.dianaforprosecutor.com) to bring us into a strong position to win the May 3 Republican Primary! 

Let’s get knocking!

We need your help! Please fill out this form if you are willing to knock on doors. https://forms.gle/tbkCXKaS2YZHKfok7

We need everyone that signs up to commit to knocking on 150 doors. We need about 20 more teams to knock out the list. This is a targeted effort of registered Republicans who will be voting in the primary election on May 3rd.

We recommend knocking in groups of 2. If you can commit more please include their email addresses in your form submission or forward them the form. Please respond by Tuesday, March 15th. We are making lists now and will be handing them out as we get responses.

If you have any questions please reach out to Kyhle Moers at kyhle.moers@gmail.com.

If you’ve already signed up, thank you! Be on the lookout soon for an email with instructions and your list.

A Part of My “Why”

Allow me to introduce myself with a little of my “why” for running for Vanderburgh County Prosecutor. The above picture is of my immediate family. On this day in 2009, we were being trained to assist my Dad who suffered a life-altering severe traumatic brain injury the year before in a motorcycle accident. Before that, he was a Navy veteran, a talented sheet metal journeyman and foreman for Industrial Contractors, and the best dad in the world (and still is). My mother grew up legally blind, was a homemaker, and a certified genius. Mom worked hard to make sure we had good grades, never beat her in scrabble, and quite literally fed the neighborhood. Despite their challenges, my parents set an example of hard work and dedication to their community. Growing up, it was not uncommon for us to see our parents quietly help other neighborhood children in need, volunteer, and donate money. Because of my Mom and Dad’s example of selfless dedication to their family and others, I strive to offer any gifts I have—this is part of why I have dedicated my career to public service work and why I want to use my leadership skills and experience as a trial attorney to make a difference in Vanderburgh County as your Prosecutor. I look forward to meeting you and showing you why I’m the best person for the job!  Be sure to follow along at www.DianaforProsecutor.com.